Young Mi Lee

Hi, my name is Youngmi Lee, I'm from South Korea.
I'm doing master of education at the moment and i have a bachelor degree in physical education
I'm very interested in this course because digital culture has been already part of education. However, I'm also concerned that the role of teacher is getting smaller.
Although digital culture brings a lot of prolems, it is still useful to every where.
However, a huge aspect of digital culture makes me difficult to choose one topic for my essay TT
I hope that everyone is preparing well for the first essay

Exergames are popular video games that integrate exercise with digital gaming. It is designed to encourage full body physical activity to expend calories with fun. Exergaming positively impacts on health problems. In terms of obesity, exergaming contributes to improving physical activity levels in children. Increasing obesity is a considerable public health problem in across the world especially childhood obesity. Exergaming is more likely to provide the opportunity for children to increase energy expenditure during their leisure time and convert children in the sedentary behavior into the physical activity. Nintendo Will is called as ‘Wiihabilitation’ because it has been popular method in physical rehabilitation. Since exergaming was imposed on rehabilitation practices, it has been drawing attention as the upcoming alternative rehabilitation practice. A major benefit of exergaming in rehabilitation is enablement of training at home with or without supervision and providing immediate feedback and review on their performance and progress by the telecommunication. Futhermore, reducing costs for rehabilitation services and encouraging patient’s motivation for physical activities are possible. Exergaming has positively affected on older people’s mental and physical health such as depression, isolation, disability, frailty, insufficient mobility and chronic stroke. Depressive symptoms, health-related quality of life and cognitive functioning are dramatically improved by exergaming. Furthermore, exergames become a connector to reduce the gap between young people and old people.

The frofessional resource; exergaming
The aim of this paper is to convince physical education teachers and curriculum designers that how exergames are effective and useful in physical education class. The resources were trialed by physical education teacher to supplement exergaming’ faults. Exergaming has already been used in many ways such as diet clinic and rehabilitation. In recent year, exergaming began to attract educators’ attention because it is greatly useful for children to promote physical activitity with fun. Physical inactivity is major cause of obesity and constantly increasing average of overweight children is considerable issue all over the world. It is criticized that gaming contributes to sedentary life style in children. In addition, in critical view of exergaming in PE class, playing exergaming at home could be effective way of increasing physical activity for children, but it is unnecessary to incorporate in physical education class. However, it is proved by many studies that exergaming can be accompanied by positive results. According to Hayes and Silberman (2007), many educators agree that technology is necessary complement of supporting general learning in schools and especially, numerous types of technologies have been used in physical education for effective learning. Similarly, exergaming also can contribute to support children for learning in schools. Trout and Christie (2007) point out that exergames mean more than just games because these games include system that can evaluate players’ performance such as scoring system based on skill performance, heart rate monitors and caloric expenditure estimate. In addition, it is possible to improve player’s motor abilities such as balance, hand-eye coordination, agility and core strength through playing exergmaes. Furthermore, Mokdad, Marks, Stroup and Gerbering (2004) argue that applying exergaming into PE class means not to replace traditional education, but exergaming should be viewed as a supplement to appropriate pedagogical practice. They also concluded that if there is any strategy to promote physical activity levels, it is greatly worth for obese children’s health. Therefore, PE teachers and curriculum designer should positively consider of introducing exergaming into physical education curriculum.