Weston (1996)

The paper is significant because of the prescience of the author. Written in 96 it points to the difficulties that social organisations based upon "Gutenberg technologies", i.e. broadcast, print etc. will encounter difficulties as the Net begins to allow anyone to publish.

This quote (p. 195) is a neat representation of the problems of mass media:

Since it was first observed that there just was not enough available bandwidth to let everybody send smoke signals or bang drums, we’ve been organizing and reorganizing to determine who would, and who would not, get their hands on the blankets and the drumsÐand the presses, the microphones, and the cameras

His contrast between mass media and the Net captures what is a key difference (p. 196):

For some, judging the Internet by its content, the quality of its information, and the accuracy of its databases is relevant and for others it is not. For those for whom it is not, the Internet is less about information or content, and more about relations. For the mass media, it is always just the opposite

This is also a somewhat romantic notion of the 'freedom' of the net. For more sanguine accounts you'll find Jaron Lanier's writing a little more sobering1.