Weekly readings and notes

Before each week we will put up notes for each of the readings. While we have a set of readings from which we have drawn, we will likely alter some of these as the course plays out to better meet your needs and interests.

Module 1

Week 1 To give you time to set yourself up to access the various resources for the course, there is only one reading this week: Molnar (1997). I have added a few other things for you to look at. I want you to pay attention to the history of this broad field. When it comes to digital technologies and education, many tend to have a limited understanding of where all this came from and how it got started. you might also find my short think aloud, learning in public piece from last week useful.

Week 2 Back to the future: a consideration of research and computer use in education from the 1980’s on.

Week 3 Towards a framework for thinking about digital technologies and education. Readings: Pireddu (2011); Weston (1997); Savage et al. (2010)

Module 2 Planning professional resources

Week 4, week 1 of module 2
Working towards an educational issue, an overview of digital culture and games. Readings: Wilber (2010); Ito et al. (2008).

Week 5, week 2 of module 2
An initial mapping of digital games.

Week 6, week 3 of module 2
Games & learning: introductory ideas Thomas & Brown (2009), Snyder (2007), Walters & Kop (2009)

Week 7, week 4 of module 2
Mapping educational issues: de Byl (2012), Green, Facer, Rudd, Dillon and Humphreys. (2005), Gee (2008). Some video clips of James Gee and Katie Salen.

Week 8, week 5 of module 2
Key players, research agendas and sites.

Week 9, week 6 of module 2
Planning the professional resource.

Module 3

Week 10 (week 1 of Module 3)
Digital games and education
Readings: Shaffer, Squire, Halverson & Gee (2005), Lange (2010), Becker (2007), Pelletier (2009), Salen (2008)

Week 11 (week 2 of Module 3)
Digital games and education: literacy
Readings: Readings: Beavis et al. (2009), Beavis & O'Mara (2010), Nixon (2011)

Week 12 (week 3 of Module 3)
Digital games and education: serious play
Readings: Burden & Slater (2008), De Castell & Jenson (2003), Dibbell (2011), Habgood, Ainsworth & Benford (2005), Krotoski (2010)