Weekly reflections and notes

I began by posting notes to L@G but given the nature of this Wiki, I thought it better to pop them on here which allows easier linking to other parts of the Wiki as well as to the Internet.

Module 1

Week 1 Introduction to the course. Modes of communication in the course and resources for the course: Wimba, the course wiki, the course blog, Twitter and notebooks. Interrogating the relationship between digital technologies and education. Working digitally. Reading: Molnar (1997).

Week 2 Back to the future: a consideration of research and computer use in education from the 1980?s on. Readings: Becker 1984, 2000a, 2000b).

Week 3 A framework for thinking about digital technologies and education. Readings: Pireddu (2011); Weston (1997); Savage et al. (2010)

Module 2

Week 1 Working towards an educational issue, an overview of digital culture and games.
Readings: Wilber (2010), Ito et al. (2010)

Week 2 Initial mapping of digital games
Readings/videos: Apperley (2010), Apperley & Walsh (2010), Priebatsch (2010), Schell (2010)

Week 3 Games & learning: introductory ideas
Readings: Thomas & Brown (2009), Snyder (2007), Walters & Kop (2009)

Week 4 Mapping educational issues

Week 5 Key players, research agendas and site

Week 6 Planning the professional resource

Module 3

Week 1 Digital games and education
Readings: Shaffer, Squire, Halverson & Gee (2005), Lange (2010), Becker (2007), Pelletier (2009)

Week 2 Digital games and education: literacy
Readings: Beavis et al. (2009), Nixon (2011), Beavis & O'Mara (2010)

Week 3 Digital games and education: serious play
Readings: Habgood, Ainsworth and Bentley (2005), De Castell & Jensen (2003), Burden (2008),
Krotoski (2010), Dibbell (2011)

Week 4 Digital games and education: researching game-based learning
Readings: Defreitas & Oliver (2006), Kim (2008)