Module 2 Week 6

Planning the professional resource

There is much to say here. Rochi has kindly contributed a resource about how to get at great idea.

The approach for this task ought to be one where you think about producing something that is not large but is very well done. You don't have a lot of words or equivalents, i.e. ~2200.

A good way to help you design your resource is to enlist some of the folk for whom the resource is intended and try out your ideas with them. It is easy to simply build something and hope people will use it. It is another matter to get them to help you in the design, development and testing of the resource. Enlisting help from a sample of your intended audience will give the resource a better usability than if you rely solely on your own thinking. This is not about the content per se but about how you present it, structure it and make it accessible for your audience.

I'd strongly encourage you to consider publishing the resource online1. Google docs will allow you to store a document and give it public access. Screen casts can be stored on YouTube and there are other options for resources that have different file types.

The resource should draw on the paper you wrote for the 1st task.