Week 6 (Week 3 of Module 2)

The readings for this week are a little along the lines of can you remember what it was like before you learned to read, that is, that these takes of digital culture, a term we need to keep in the problematic basket, are from the early days of thinking about what it means as the world had more and more digital devices and its accompanying infrastructure deployed.

All of the pieces are now, in terms of current writing about "the digital", quite old. This is the point of this week. We tend to think we have it all sorted, that getting our heads around the current game1 is all that we need to do. Step back in time just a few years. These insightful folk all were busy getting their heads around the virtual, 2nd life, and so on. They look quaint in the light of current patterns of use and deployment of things digital. The other thing to look for are the recurring themes when education is added to the mix. Try swapping one of the environments being written about by a contemporary game being used in a classroom. Are there any significant differences in terms of the ways the teachers are talking about the game?

Thomas & Brown (2009)

Snyder (2007)

Walters & Kop (2009)