Week 10 (Week 1 of Module 3)

There is a bit to read this week. All useful at a number of levels. Apart from giving you a bit of a sense of the games and learning debates you will find quite a bit of mention of game design. You are facing a design problem right now with your 2nd task. Thinking differently about the usual way one might throw together a resource is important. Then there is the broader notion of seeing most/all educational experiences in terms of a games logic.

Salen (2008) is the introductory chapter for another report that has come via the MacArthur Foundation. The whole document is worth a skim when you have the time but Salen maps the contents of the book and identifies some important ideas both for games and learning and also for your thinking about your 2nd task. You will it a useful way to think about your 2nd task as you go about designing your resource.

Shaffer, Squire, Halverson & Gee (2005) is a very useful overview, and review of many of the important ideas. Read it to get a sense of where things were at a decade back.

Read Lange (2010) next. It follows on nicely from the 1st reading.

Becker (2007) and indeed all of the readings in this module will inform your thinking about your professional resource even if/though you are not thinking about these specific issues for your resource. There is a great deal of commonality in the ideas of these papers and those we have looked at in previous modules.

The Pelletier (2009) paper is a useful complement to the Lange paper. It is also a heavy read. It's a paper that you'll find yourself coming back to. Good notes from all of these papers in your notebooks continues to be important.