Flipping Out Over ICT

Flipped Learning From An Australian Middle School Maths Teacher’s Perspective


Flipping? Isn’t that for lazy teachers?

What a great opportunity to engage kid’s interests, a new toy (technology) and stuff you have to do anyway!

That was my take on this new or re-emerging field. Let the kids decide when and how they will engage with the basic content and have them ready for class better prepared.

These were some of my motivations as I started to read and hear about this approach. We already had the machines, kids have a lot of access to technology at home, they love watching Youtube let’s put all that together and see if it can help with the learning.

That has been my experience so far. A little bit of technological knowledge and a little bit of willingness to extend my teaching skills, have come together to focus on another approach to working in a classroom environment. I wanted the students to be able to make some more choices in their own learning and at their own time. Flipping has allowed me to do that however, the process and the journey are ongoing and evolving.

What is the end point? There isn’t a definite completion, short term I would like to see students enjoying the options that flipping provides them as learners, the ability to pause, rewind and view the content. From a longer term perspective, I see a much more dynamic lesson structure, s activity and engagement running very high in each lesson with student interaction being key. Students exploring at their own pace and own driving their own learning needs. Teaching enhances and supporting the learner in their own journey.

Pedagogy is the driver, technology is the accelerator. (Luca, 2014)1

Flipped Learning Resource - Second Assessment Item 2014