Tom Apperley


Tom is an academic currently working at Monash. Quoting from his page at UNE where he worked prior to Monash:

My main area of interest is New Media – particularly videogames, and mobile and networked technologies – with a focus on the subjectivities that they engender. The main issue that currently interests me is the shift in global power dynamics that these forms of media precipitate through the participation of the audience. Key to my research is a commitment to understanding the interplay between industry, consumer, and medium in the formations and configurations of power.
Current Research Interests:
Platform and software studies approaches to mobile media.
Globalization and intercultural communication in videogames.
Videogames, ecology and eco-citizenship.
Tele-presence through Virtual Worlds.
Videogames and Social Networking.
Virtual World Health Communication.
The Creative Industries model for the Videogame Industry.
Teaching and professional development for game studies.

Some recent publications include:

Apperley, T. (2010). What games studies can teach us about videogames in the English and Literacy classroom. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 33(1), 12-23.
Apperley, T. (2010). Gaming Rhythms: Play and Counterplay from the Situated to the Global Theory on Demand, Retrieved from
Apperley, T., & Walsh, C. S. (2010). Digital Culture & Education: Classroom perspectives. Digital Culture & Education, 2(2), 125-127.

Tom is a co-editor of the open-access online journal, Digital Culture & Education.