Things to do: Week 6 of Module 2

  • The feedback is coming. Apologies for it being a little late back. Nevertheless you ought to be thinking about and planning for the resource. The temptation will be to build something you imagine to be world changing, i.e. huge, elaborate and all that you'd ever need to know about whatever is your focus. WRONG! Look at how much time you have remaining. At best you will probably get a good first version of a resource done. It may be something you continue to work on post the course. What you have to focus on for now is getting a version of the resource developed, trialled and then reworked before it is due!
  • The audience of the resources is a key consideration. It is a professional resource, i.e. something for your peers, colleagues, your Principal, or parents.
  • The simplest resource to build is something like a briefing paper. Remember you have to do a trial of a version of the resource and use the feedback from your audience to re-work and improve it so planning the time between now and when it is due would be a good thing to do.
  • It may seem counter productive to continue following the themes and topics for the rest of the course given you have more or less settled on the direction you want to take. Can I encourage you to keep working with the course materials. They may not directly inform your thinking about your resource but I know they will contribute to your thinking generally about digital culture and your professional thinking.
  • Look at the notes for this week. They are all concerned with helping you think about the planning and design of your resource.
  • The most important thing is to keep talking to me and the group via the G+ community site preferably or via email if that is you preference. Sharing ideas though is one of the best ways to improve your thinking.