Things to do: Week 5 of Module 2

  • Now is a good time to read back over your notebooks. The first assignment is in, or almost in, for most of you. I'll try and have feedback to you by the end of the week with luck. Revisiting where your ideas for the paper and resource have come from will help your planning of the resource.
  • The simplest resource to build is something like a briefing paper for a group of colleagues, your Principal or parents, for example. Remember you have to do a trial of a version of the resource and use the feedback from your audience to re-work and improve it so planning the time between now and when it is due would be a good thing to do.
  • It may seem counter productive to continue following the themes and topics for the rest of the course given you have more or less settled on the direction you want to take. Can I encourage you to keep working with the course materials. They may not directly inform your thinking about your resource but I know they will contribute to your thinking generally about digital culture and your professional thinking.
  • Look at the notes for this week's readings and viewings. This week we are looking at a small set of key players, influential thinkers and researchers in the field. There are many more than that and if you come across an interesting person or site and you think it is worth including then let me know and I'll add it to the Wiki.
  • I'll finish the task notes for the resources shortly. Main thing to be thinking about and writing about in your journal is the specific audience you are preparing it for and the main ideas you want to convey.
  • I've had a quick skim of the papers that have come in and am pleased with what you have done collectively. If you poke around the Wiki you;ll find that there is quite a bit of commonality in the ideas you have been working on. Collaboration is a good thing. I'd encourage you to get in contact with your peers, e.g. via the G+ site and open up conversations. There has been some useful sharing that has already happened. Keep it up! :)
  • Two tips for working with the resources of this Wiki. You can always check recent changes and who made them in the recent changes link in the menu on the left hand side of the page. The other useful facility is the search window, top right of each page.