Things to do: Week 3 of Module 2

  • Go back to the list of things to do in previous weeks and make sure you have covered what has been asked.
  • Look at the notes for this week's readings. We are taking an introductory look at computer games and their place/role in learning, something that some of you have been thinking about already.
  • If you don't have some idea of the resource you will build for the 2nd assignment then please contact me. You are leaving things a little late. I'm reworking the notes for both tasks which will give you advice about how to go about each task. The 1st task is an essay, an academic piece of writing that will serve as background for your resource. So you need to work out, roughly what the resource will be in order to write the first essay.
  • If you have sent Chris your G+ account email address, the invitation to join the G+ community will be sent to that email address, not your Griffith email address. If you need the invitation sent again, just ask. It's a bit like herding cats. Once you are signed on please put your questions on the G+ site. I know it may seem that your question is useful only to you. You can't know that and my bet is that it will be useful to at least two or three others. Also getting into conversations with your colleagues in the course is an excellent thing to do.
  • I'll stick with the 8.30 on Wednesday time slot. Let me know if another time is better. I'll stay online till ~ 9 if no one shows up. :) The other chat facility we can make use of is Skype[[footnote]]. I can manage both at once :)
  • I have been most pleased with the conversations we have been having about your progress in the course, your thinking about your assignment. Please think about having some/all of these conversations on the G+ site. This is a key part of your learning in this course. This is how the game is played. Please don't be shy.