Things to do: Week 3 of Module 2

  • Go back to the list of things to do in previous weeks and make sure you have covered what has been listed as things to attend to.
  • Look at the notes for this week's readings. We are taking an introductory look at computer games and their place/role in learning, something that many of you have been thinking about already. The main thing is to keep notes, log your thoughts. Some of the ideas won't look "like" the focus you are working on. Trust me. You will find it really handy to be across these materials.
  • You are all working on your first task, locating papers and related resources. This is a time to think about your search skills. If you think you have your skills all worked out you might find a look at Dan Russell's tips. He works for Google. He is a search guru. There are links on the page to his site and the video, if you have timei s worth a watch.
  • Please put any questions you think are generic on the Slack site. I know it may seem that your question is useful only to you. You can't know that and my bet is that it will be useful to at least two or three others. Also getting into conversations with your colleagues in the course is an excellent thing to do.