Things to do: Week 2 of Module 2

  • Go back to the list of things to do in previous weeks and make sure you have covered what has been asked.
  • Look at the notes for this week's readings. We are taking an introductory look at computer games as part of our exploration of digital culture.
  • By now you ought to have some idea of the resource you will build for the 2nd assignment. I'm reworking the notes for both tasks which will give you advice about how to go about each task. The 1st task is an essay, an academic piece of writing that will serve as background for your resource.
  • If you have sent Chris your G+ account email address, the invitation to join the G+ community will be sent to that email address, not your Griffith email address. If you need the invitation sent again, just ask.
  • The other chat facility we can make use of is Skype1
  • I have been pleased with the conversations we have been having on the G+ site and via other means. There are still one or two folk who have yet to say hello. It may be that you have opted out and the system is slow but if not, it is most important that you send me an email to let me know where you are up to.