Things to do: Week 2 of Module 2

  • Go back to the list of things to do in previous weeks and make sure you have covered what has been asked. It will make a difference to the quality of your work in the course.
  • Look at the notes for this week's readings. We are tackling a new focus. The interesting/intriguing space notionally called digital games.
  • To round out the last module in which we have had a look at the history of computer use in education, I encouraged you to read an excellent post by Michael Nielsen called reinventing explanation. The point of reading it is to be clear about the cyclical nature of what has gone on in education over the past thirty years: old wine in new bottles. That is, the major research questions have been focussed on questions of how, how best to teach content x with software y to students of type z. I think you have to do a bit of old wine in new bottles to get the point I am trying to make. The old wine in new bottles game can likely go on for a very long time. We keep being presented with new bottles on a regular basis.
  • You should have a good collection of notes, ideas, thoughts about what your final resource will be. You really need to think about that so you can then think back to the essay you will need to write as a kind of background for this work.