Things to do: Week 2 of Module 3

  • Don't let the weekly readings slip. The literacy focus may seem odd to you at this point if you are, e.g. working on a resource for teachers of mathematics. Try and read your work through each of these papers. I guarantee each will speak to your work, differently, and productively.
  • Revisit your notebooks. You know those things I have been nagging about all course. It is really important to revisit your thinking. It will help you in your current work. You won't know this unless you actually do it!
  • There are a number of important ideas raised in this week's readings. Make notes in your trusty notebook as you go. Link your notes back to previous, related ideas. A notebook is a messy, interconnected beast that is only as good as the interconnections and links you make in and out of it.
  • You should also be giving some thought to who you will approach to trial your resource. Leaving it to the last minute is not a good idea. I'd also suggest that you do a little pilot of the trial, i.e. a pre-trial trial. It will give you a sense of how folk respond and allow you to perhaps frame the trial a little to be more useful.