Things to do: Week 1 of Module 3

  • You are now more or less operating in a kind of parallel mode. You will be wondering why do I need to look at these materials when I am working on my resource which will probably solve most of the educational problems of the known universe :).
  • When you work through the readings for this week you will come across useful ways to think about the planning and design of your resource.
  • I can't stress enough that the ideas in the sample of papers we have selected are important to your general understanding of the mesh of the digital and education but even for the particular resource on which you are working. All good papers that address issues about the digital inevitably have to rethink, a little, somewhat or a lot, key notions in education. You will find it valuable.
  • Look back at the things to do last week to keep your focus small, sharp and clear.
  • The most important thing is to keep talking to me and the group via the Slack site preferably, or via email if you prefer. Sharing ideas though is one of the best ways to improve your thinking. Main message: keep talking to me and to one another.