Notes for Writing the 1st task

Writing is hard work, or should I say, good writing is hard work.

There are notes in the Research Kitchen on writing1 that you might find helpful. Perhaps the thing to keep in mind always is your key idea or ideas and then build out from them.

The hardest part is the word limit. Not getting to it but keeping it under!!! I won't be pedantic about it but would not be thrilled to receive a 5000 word piece!

The other thing I'd like you to think about is just what an academic or scholarly piece of writing looks like. What it does not mean is that it has to be sombre, sober and written in the 3rd person passive2. The only way to get good or better at writing is to do lots of it. While the rise of video and other representational forms will continue to rise, the importance of good, clear, engaging writing will remain.

And, if you need a gentle reminder, it is worth reading the notes in the Wiki about citing the work of others and, for your formatting of references, the notes for APA 6th formatting.