About this wiki

This Wiki exists to support the interests and work of folk enrolled in courses concerned with various computing technologies and education at Griffith University. It sits outside the Learning Management System so that folk can continue to come back to it whenever they wish. It also allows other interested folk to join the space and contribute to it. If we can get this way of working to move beyond the "what do i need to do to pass this course?" logic, the site should be useful longterm to anyone who has helped add to it and drawn from it.

In the first instance, the course 7131, Digital Culture, Games & Education is the course that will shape what is added into here.

The general approach to digital culture and games is broadly anthropological, that is, we are asking, what is going on here? While such an approach tries to see things with naive eyes, it is always difficult to see things without the intellectual baggage we bring to the work.

While there is no easy separation between content and process and I don't like binaries at all, the menu down the left hand side is about the stuff associated with doing the course and using this Wiki and the menu across the top tries to map the content. Given the broad scope that the course tries to cover there will always be a need to update, add and edit information in here.

If you are editing or adding a page or adding tags, you can find how to do it in the How to do things in the side menu.

For other wiki things you may want to try, check out do other wiki things which is also under the How to do things side menu.