Notes for tasks

These may or may not be helpful depending upon how you prefer to think about doing tasks. These notes draw heavily from a book written by Fred Brooks1. The title suggests it is about computer science. The book draws on his experiences from computer science to think through what I think are a really useful set of ideas about design, which, when you think about it is what both tasks require.

The page referencing uses Calibre's referencing, i.e. Paragraph 9.13 means the 13th paragraph in section 9 which is the Chapter 1. I'll convert the sections to Chapters which gives them a basis that is free of subsequent changes in e-reader formats. So the reference will read 1.13. This is NOT how you cite quotes for, e.g. APA.

For the 1st task

For the 2nd task
A few thoughts on design
What to build
More thoughts on design
Good ideas