Notes for tasks in 2017

There are two tasks or assignments in 7131. They are connected. I order to do the first one, you really need to have some sense of what the 2nd task will be for you.

Here is an example which is totally fictional.

What follows are notes for each task. They are intended to help not confuse. Feedback about them is always gratefully received.

These may or may not be helpful depending upon how you prefer to think about doing tasks. These notes draw heavily from a book written by Fred Brooks1. The title suggests it is about computer science. The book draws on his experiences from computer science to think through what I think are a really useful set of ideas about design, which, when you think about it is what both tasks require.

1st task


2nd task

A few thoughts on design
What to build
More thoughts on design
Good ideas
Attracting attention and keeping it