Assignment 2 Abstract

The first task of this course was about the advancement of digital devices, and effective educational sites and game apps that assist in young children’s development. The paper discussed the significance of early childhood teachers’ knowledge and strategies to use these technological applications to help in the enhancement of children’s day-to-day learning.

Digital technology plays an important role in young children’s day-to-day learning in the 21st century. For advancing their skills in technology, children must be provided with opportunities to explore innovative technological devices in their learning. Correspondingly, early childhood educators should develop their knowledge and skills in the area of technology and research more advanced and age appropriate learning experiences using interconnected computer networks. The educational resource for my second task is about assisting early childhood educators develops their skills and knowledge to help children advance their learning experiences with the utilization of technology. The resource addresses issues and benefits of using an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) and digital games in an early childhood setting. Lesson plans and strategies to incorporate IWB along with a variety of high-quality educational websites and app suggestions that educators could explore with the children are also provided. The resource was then shared with my work colleagues, early childhood educators, via Storypark, a digital platform used at the kindergarten where the educators communicate to each other and share daily programming or share child portfolio with the parents. With the feedback from the teachers, I modified my resource by including more information to convince my audience that benefits of IWB on children’s learning outweigh the negative effects with a proper utilization of the device.

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