Task 2 specifications

Requirement: 4000 words (or equivalent)

Date Due:Week 13 31 May  2013 5pm

This assessment draws on your work in the first assignment. Assignment 2 requires you to design, prepare and trial a professional resource which explores the educational aspects and issues that relate to the topic of the scholarly paper. The paper can take a variety of forms. The choice of the format will depend upon the professional needs and interests of the student. The example of one form given here will serve as a basis for professional resources. The format will need to be negotiated with the lecturer for the course.

A briefing paper for a professional association.
This resource would provide a succinct account of the aspect of digital culture examined in the first assignment and provide a thorough examination of the educational issues and implications for the professional association related to the topic. The resource should then be trialled and the feedback from the trial used to refine the resource.

The assignment will need to include the following parts:

  • Introduction. The introduction should identify the aspect of digital culture addressed in the resource and its relationship to the professional needs and interests of the student. It should outline the rationale for the resource, its audience, and the circumstances for its trial. It should briefly describe the trialing of the resource and the use made of the feedback obtained1. (500 words)
  • The resource. The resource should be seen as a means of informing or improving the understandings of a target group of professionals about the educational significance, and implications of the aspect of digital culture which has been researched. The resource needs to be responsive to the predispositions of the target group so they are well placed to make decisions about the educational implications of the particular aspect of digital culture. (2200 word equivalent)2
  • Reference list detailing all references used in the assignment. (Not included as part of the word count)
  • Integration into the course Wiki. A brief summary of the resource, its purpose, target audience and scope has to be integrated into the Wiki. (300 word equivalent)

The word counts are notional, to give a rough idea of the weight to put into each part. Depending upon what you design and build the resource might have references in it. But you may make the resource reference free and make a separate list for me. Or, you may put some reference in the resource and have additional reference you draw on for me.