What to build

It is a difficult decision to make about the form you want your resource to take. By far the simplest, easiest thing to do is to write a document. This might turn out to be a briefing paper of some kind, where you walk your audience through the key/basic ideas you have researched for your first task. It is the simplest thing to do because it is text and you are good at working with text. The style of the text though will need to be different to that you wrote for the 1st task. Your audience has shifted from me to the target audience you have nominated. It's an exercise in communication, in teaching and you ought to draw on your teaching/communication experience to shape a document like this.

It is clearly more difficult to do something in another medium, particularly if you are not familiar with the medium. Here you really need to keep it small and tightly focussed. The good thing about dipping your toe into digital culture this way is that you will learn a lot of stuff that can't really be taught in a course like this. If you are putting your resource online, there is a great deal of advice online about how to do that well. Try and resist the urge to dump all of your ideas and information onto the viewer at once. Subtraction as May argues is one of the elements of making something elegant.

I have put together a few resources on further thinking about the design of your resource. I think they apply just as much to a briefing paper as they do an online resource or video clip.