Attracting attention and keeping it

Your task is to attract attention to the resource. If you don't draw attention to it, no one knows about it and it has little value. Your trial will force people to pay attention but beyond that you'd hope that you've put all this work into it and you don't want it being ignored, particularly by the audience for whom you have made it.

Teachers don't need to attract attention. They have these people called students who, if they want to complete a course or subject are required to pay some attention and keep on giving it during the time period of the course or subject.

This task is different. The only class you have is the one you have recruited to give you feedback and me!

Thinking about the design of your resource is important. This piece is written for people who publish in journals, i.e. mainly academics and scholars. It maps out some advice about how to convert a journal article, which will generally have a very small readership and turn it into a blog post. Now, you do not need to blog about your wonderful resource but the advice about how to construct the post offers some blunt and handy advice about how to attract eyeballs and keep them.