Summary of Assignment 1

The role digital technology is playing in supporting the ESL learners

As an ESL teacher it is important to recognise the cultural and linguistic differences ESL students have and how to support the language development of these individuals through the use of digital technologies. The theoretical framework of second language acquisition guided this essay, particularly Krashen’s affective filter and comprehensive input theory. Technology tools act as comprehensive input in achieving motivation, self-confidence and decrease anxiety in the ESL learners. These students love to spend their time playing games on the computers or i-pads. The findings are reported in the literature that digital technology has a positive impact on the development of language and literacy skills. It has been noticed that the students gain confidence after they play games related to the topic they have been taught, but teachers face some problems using digital technologies.

So, a positive step will be to provide training to teachers so that they develop an increased awareness of the potentiality of digital technology. Another step can be the development of an Ed-studio for the ESL teachers where they can find information on different digital tools.

Krashen, S. (1982). Principles and practice in second language acquisition. London: Pergamon Press.