Stephanie Morgan

Hi Everyone,

A little bit about me….

I have a bachelor degree in communications as well as a grad. cert in TESOL. I am yet to find a job that interests me enough to keep me there, so I decided to study a Masters of Education.

I am yet to have any professional teaching experience in the field, although I am currently a volunteer at a language school teaching adults English.

Between my current job (that is not in my fields of study but it pays the bills), volunteering and studying I barely have time to think about the future. Once I've completed my masters, I will inevitably return to uni to get a masters in Primary Education so that i can finally use the skills i have picked up thus far in my academic career.

I really enjoy the research that we are encouraged to do in this course and the degree as a whole, to be honest, the thought of standing in a classroom full of children all looking at me is terrifying (at the moment anyway). I have wanted to be a teacher for a long time but recently more strong than ever the urge has returned. Especially since starting this course/degree, I have been more and more inspired to not necessarily 'be the change' but be able to have a broadened perspective on how to teach and the implications that technology has on students and learning as well as me as a teacher. It's brilliant that I have been given a chance to reflect on all of this before I begin my journey as a teacher as I believe that I will be set up to use my knowledge to further my experiences.

I am quite interested in how the education sector will progress in the time that we live in and also how technology is changing the way teachers teach and how students are taught. I worry that teachers are struggling to keep their 'authenticity' when teaching, and students are getting the same ideas thrown at them lesson after lesson. I think it is important for both teachers and students to be prepared to face the challenges and wonderful things that the digital age that we live in brings to the sector.



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