Searching For Resources

Most of you will have various skills in using Google to search. Many folk use Google in a fairly crude manner, i.e. just type in some text and go from there. Often that works ok but given the significance of Google's data gathering it makes sense to have refined your generic searching somewhat.

There is, of course, more to finding stuff than simply using a Google search. The linked pages give you some sense of these other ways of working. They are by no means meant to suggest that this is the sum total of searching tips and tricks but it is a start.

We have divided searching into three broad categories those that are:

Increasingly there is software that supports the curating of your resources that has search features built it1. This scene is changing fairly quickly so working out what works well for you is probably a good thing to stick with unless the new thing that comes along genuinely offers a lot more functionality to support the way you work.

Remember always that the reason you are searching is to build a map of the terrain(s) in which you are interested. You want to know where the good spots are, where the important sites to visit are located. So here you have to rely on others, and often via informal means, i.e. blogs, tweets and so on.

How you search is often a matter of habit, i.e. you search using methods that have worked for you in the past. There is no correct way to search online but it is possible to think more about your search habits and work on improving them. Here is a searching in public example that might convey something of how I'd go about a search.