Sarah Yang

Assignment 2

The findings from the first task’s research intend to show that social media, such as Facebook can help international students to have better cross-cultural adjustment as well as to reduce mental health illness. However, the findings also claim that the services provided by international student support service providers don’t meet the actual needs of students. This resource aimed to suggest that FB is used by international student support service providers as a tool in developing a range of practical skills to manage everyday tasks and interaction, as well as to reach out to those who are seeking help for mental illness especially the Chinese students. These claims had been made after identifying the challenges behind Chinese students’ mental health issues, reasons why we use FB, the current support offered by international student support through FB and the process of helping Chinese students reduce mental health illness. It suggests that student helpers divide students into two levels of cross-cultural transition: level one is sensitive level and level two is severe level.

Living support information, social activities or functions are designed in order to help level one students. Including recommending them to join FB accounts, posting information regarding cultural life, social activities, accommodation and cooking frequently to help them make sense of the local culture and customs, and have better social interactions with other peers as well as developing essential skills for daily living. Another important aspect is the fundamental knowledge of local health care system to guide students in what to do if they’re experiencing physical illness. On the other hand, for students in level two, student supporter providers should frequently provide basic knowledge of mental health services; presented in an interesting way to help them better understand these services as well as reducing students’ fear of seeking professional mental health assistance.

Despite the privacy and security issues, FB is an efficient and convenient social media platform for student helpers to create a sense of community, in order to help Chinese students reduce mental health issues.