Questions in 2015

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° What exactly is a 'professional resource' - does anyone have a suggestion? To me, a resource is a stimulus or object to assist learning in the classroom or a policy that informs leadership… so if I was going to choose an iPad app such as Explain Everything is this a resource? Or is it more along the lines of a scholarly paper that evaluates the worth of an online community such a Google+ for the flipped classroom?
If it is the latter, how are we then 'trialling' it?
Not sure if these are the type of questions you want on here Chris, but I would appreciate the help.

Apologies Candice for not picking this up. A professional resource is something you design/develop for colleagues, peers or higher ups. It could be, in its simplest from a briefing paper for your leadership group in a school, or perhaps for a department or a school council or even parents. Now I try and help folk engineer this task so as to best meet their professional needs, i.e. if someone is on a research trajectory as some students have been then the resource can be pitched at peers, perhaps apprentice researchers or even actual researchers as one student did. Most folk though usually build something that is designed for other teachers. One student built a resource for parents and teachers to support the use of iPads with disabled kids. Have a poke around the wiki. Students in the past have not been great at leaving a lot of info about there work but there is enough there. The trial is then something you do with an early version of your resource so you get feedback about it. I posted a wee note on the G+ site: design like you are right, listen like you're wrong. So if you had planned it as a resource say for teachers of grade 3 maths then finding some grade 3 teacheers who'd be prepared to look at it and give you feedback is all you'd need to do.

Actually the big question question was pitched at trying to help you frame your focus, i.e. what are the big questions you ask yourself about your work, agenda etc. And I can fully understand that this is a big question for you. Thank you.