Pireddu (2011)

This is a useful paper that traces what has been a large and growing literature about the young and their different engagement with new computing technologies1. If you don't know Michael Wesch's work, referred to by Pireddu, it is worth chasing down. Like Weston, Pireddu points to the collapse of various ways of working, e.g. rigid classification systems.

Pireddu also offers a useful account of convergence, a term used to talk about the movement of a broad range of different media into the digital. The paper offers a good, broad sweep of many of the contemporary debates and issues about digital culture. It will be useful for the later modules as well as this. He also maps many of the influential writers in this space.

He collects an interesting set of critiques of contemporary schooling, which more or less argue the same thing. This paper was taken to a McLuhan conference and you can see how he draws on McLuhan's ideas throughout2.