Petrina, Feng & Kim (2008)

Petrina, S., Feng, F., & Kim, J. (2008). Researching cognition and technology: how we learn across the lifespan. International journal of technology and design education, 18(4), 375-396. 

This paper asks a huge but more interesting question than the usual questions you see in the literature. Asking how we learn technology across the lifespan can only be addressed lightly in a paper. I've included this paper to illustrate how existing research agendas can be shoe-horned into a new phenomena, i.e. learning technology is no different from learning other things. So we see a rehearsal of how young people, adolescents, adults and older adults learn. How did you find the cherry picking of the huge literature on learning?

There is a useful synopsis of the various approaches that have been deployed to investigate learning associated with various technological artefacts.

Note the separation between the user and the technology. The old binary we have seen many times now which always leads to a determinism cycle, i.e. nowhere. What would research that regarded technology more holistically look like? That is, thinking about technology not as stuff but as the way we do things1.