Peter Gallagher

My name is Peter Gallagher, a secondary school teacher and currently the Head of Learning – Mathematics and ICT at John Paul College, Daisy Hill Queensland. When I first started teaching at Marist Ashgrove, 20 years ago, I really did not know what it was to be an educator. I thought my job was to impart knowledge to the students and get them to pass the test. Little did I know then this was just one part of being an educator. Through my various positions of teacher, coach, Head of Year, Director of Teaching and Learning, and Head of School, I have grown to become an educator of the whole person. Building effective relationships with the students, differentiating the curriculum for their individual needs and supporting them on their educational journey is really what an educator in today’s world needs to be. I know, understand and can practice all of the practical aspects of being an educator and through completing my Master of Education I hope to understand more fully the current theory and pedagogy of being an educator.

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