The following statement is written by David Smeaton for assignment 1.


Digital culture has developed into a participatory medium. Technology such as computers and the Internet provide a learning environment that is shaped and reshaped continuously by participation. In participatory culture, people join a myriad of collectives to share knowledge. The act of sharing knowledge is to take content (information) and create new contexts by remixing and sharing it again. When they join collectives, participants spend a lot of time sharing information and navigating digital environments.

In this way, participants develop skills and knowledge through tacit learning. Tacit learning leads to expertise in domain specific knowledge as a result of prolonged exposure to collective environments. Learning is fun and the knowledge and skills developed through it become second nature.

This is what I refer to as the Pokémon effect – amassing encyclopaedic amounts of knowledge through interaction (creating, sharing, remixing). Some digital spaces lend themselves particularly well to collective participation and tacit learning. The website reddit is one such space which, as a social media, shapes and reshapes digital culture more effectively than many other social networks.

It’s the purpose of this paper to analyse participatory culture in detail, building a platform for a follow up paper to create deeper connections between reddit as a social media network and the tenets of participatory culture.

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The accompanying paper represents the beginning of my exploration of participatory culture and tacit learning.

It's learning Jim, but not as we know it - Learning Through Participatory Culture. Work in Progress V 0.1


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