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Professional development is a cornerstone to any teacher’s lifelong learning journey. Unfortunately, funding the courses, programs and utilities required for their staff to keep up to date with modern pedagogy and technology can consume a large part of a schools budget. Moreover, these courses and seminars attended by educators are often quickly out of date or stand alone with little or no follow up (see Visser, Evering and Barrett, 2014)1.
Therefore, teachers today are looking for more up to date and immediate ways of facilitating their learning and professional needs. This is the theme that was taken up in terms of developing an academic paper and associated resource that would assist teachers to develop their own Professional Learning Network (PLN). Taking themes from the paper developed by Alderton, Brunsell and Baraiexca (2011, p.27)2, Twitter was used as the framework for educators to develop converstions with colleagues from around the globe, as well as “take part in meaningful professional development”. This view was also supported by Mulatiningsih, Partidge and Davis (2013, p. 215)3 who found “Twitter encourages the concept of lifelong learning by providing real-time information via a collaborative network of professionals in many sectors”.
Although initially developed and presented to secondary school staff, the resource and paper could be further developed for presentation at educational seminars and conferences. It is hoped that by developing by just a few connections within the initial audience of teachers, the seeds might be sown for the growth of many branches of PLN’s across the world.

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