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From the Commodore 64 and having to type pages of code to play a simple game, to loading multiple 5 ¼ inch floppy disks, to console games like the Atari, to “new” 286 computers, the birth of the Internet with dial-up modems, to ADSL 2+ and cable internet, from Myspace to Facebook, Twitter and beyond, I have lived through many digital cultures and technologies during my own schooling, university (and recent return to tertiary study) and working life. Yet one thing which has remained quite constant to me as a mathematics teacher: the lack of digital culture and technology in the mathematics classroom.
I have therefore investigated, through my first paper, the relationship or lack of, between today’s digital culture and Australian secondary school mathematics teaching, ultimately aiming for the two to be less asymptotic to each other and more collinear. Having initially read articles by Noss (1988)1, Apperley and Walsh (2010)2 and Goos (2010)3, it became apparent that the role of the teacher was vitally important to the introduction of effective digital culture into the classroom. For although the students of today are “digital natives”4 (Prensky, 2001)5, their teachers are not, with some failing to see the need for this new pedagogy in the classroom. This is the line of thought I hope to pursue into my resource development for assignment two.

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