Other Wikis

I stumbled into wikidot via a book that John Quiggin was trying to crowd source or at least get some feedback on using this platform. Up till then I had been messing with a variety of wiki platforms that might be useful for working with others, others also including folk sometimes called students.

The first wiki I built arose from teaching 7806EDN, Making Sense of Educational Research. I called it First Steps. I built it because I was amazed at how poor the digital habits of many students were. There were many ways of working that I thought were more or less routine but that they knew notihng of. I also realised that some of the people teaching them had even smaller bag of digital habits and so I set about trying to put them into a wiki so they could be relatively easily found.

Some of the senior staff in the School saw what I had done and asked if I could build a broader resource for staff and students. I was skeptical about buy in by either group on a scale that would make it the collaborative site that it needed to be but put it together. It is called The Research Kitchen. It is handy because I still use it to put generic stuff about digital habits and tricks. There are links to it from this wiki for various activities.

The other wiki that is current is one that relates to my interest in learning in public, what I have dubbed Public Click Pedagogy or PCP.

The circle might be closed if I ever get around to putting together a book on zombie ideas in education, i.e. ideas that are dead, silly, have no evidence base but are alive and well in many formal education settings. Learning styles is a classic example of a zombie idea.