Orientation to the site

There is more detailed information about the site and its content in the How to do things and the How to think about things in the side menu.

The site is a wiki. It runs on wiki software developed by WikiDot. As an educator they offer you four wikis for free if you get the urge to build one or muck around in one other than this one. There are other wiki platforms that offer similar facilities to educators.

To begin, all you need to do is poke around the wiki. Get a bit of a sense of what is here and how to find it. The wiki has an excellent search facility which can often help if you get a little lost.

Right now you can read anything on the wiki. Until you sign on you won't be able to edit a page or add a page, something you will need to learn to do a bit later. So first, just have a bit of a browse.

Here are some suggestions.

Have a look at the introductions in other years. An Orange link indicates a page that does not exist or has been deleted. You will be able to get a bit of an indication of the kinds of things students did in previous years.

This wiki is a one of a number of different pieces of software we will make use of in this course. The other three are:

  • The Learning@Griffith site is where you will find the routine components of the course like the course profile.
  • A Slack site which is private, and
  • Twitter

And remember the advice from the cover of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Don't panic!!!