Assignment 1

Personal experience within my own family created a desire to show the positive research that our children can and do experience when they interact with games such as Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program and Robocraft. This is not new concepts but among everyday parents the positive is drowned out from the negative.

Traditional and conventional education works for most individuals, yet it often places some individuals in a place where no matter how hard they work or try, they do not meet the standard set. Some of these same individuals have found a place in the digital world of games, where they not only excel and understand, but more importantly they happily engage, are animated, feel encouraged, develop resilient, persistent, connect and communicate.

This is not just restricted to Minecraft, but most video games. It looks at how these games encourage communication, improves mental health and self confidence. How it can help with reading, maths, art, creativity and digital citizenship. How games encourage problem solving, persistence and resilience and research.

The media articles that began this search:

Minecraft: Researchers urge teachers to embrace game as tool to teach maths, art, geography

Hey, Parents What Minecraft is Doing to Your Kids is Kind of Surprising