Liz Dix

Hello Everyone

My background is in photography and art. I was recently co-director of a small commercial art gallery in a regional area. I have taken time out from self employment to support my son as a home tutor as he continues his formal education by distance online schooling. He struggles academically due to a learning disorder, and while online schooling isn't a miracle cure for this, I do now have a boy happy to 'go' to school and actively participate in his lessons.

My personal experience with my son and his love for games such as Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program and Robocraft are what interested me in this subject. As I discovered that while he struggles and hates to read normal text, he will teach himself to navigate these games, learn new skills, search YouTube and Google for answers and all the while as he is telling me about this say 'but that isn't reading - I can't read'.

I would like to use this time, not only so I can learn and encourage my son, but other parents and children that there are many ways to learn, and games in our digital culture is just one of them.

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