Krotoski (2010)

Krotoski, A. (2010). Serious fun with computer games. Nature, 466(7307), 695. 

If this course was a computer game what game would you choose it to be?

The interesting thing about the current resurgence in gaming is that the ideas for educational games has not shifted a lot in thirty years. The hardware/interface etc. has improved greatly but the modelling, the ideas, the game mechanics appear eerily familiar.

One of the first observations I made about computer gaming, back in the 80's was that once kids had more or less mastered a game they would go looking at the edges to see if they could push the limits, to ask all kinds of what-if questions that I had never imagined1.

There is a new genre of game which has a game appearance is actually about matching what humans are good at and what machines are poor at. There has been a long standing interest in chess in this regard2.