Kelly Macdonald

Assignment 1
Overall the use of iPads for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder has been

found to improve both ASD specific and academic outcomes. Research indicates the

greatest improvement has been found in the ASD specific areas of behaviour and

communication goals. Studies have found vast improvements in these areas with the

use of iPads and applications. iPads appeal to individuals with ASD as they are visual

tools and they support the visual learning style that comes with ASD. Behaviour and

communication are to extremely important areas to focus on when educating

individuals with ASD. These two areas often create a barrier to many other aspects of

the individual’s life such as social interaction and academic work. Improvements in

behaviour and communication can often lead to improvements in other areas as the

barriers are removed. Improving social interaction for individuals with ASD through

the areas of behaviour and communication is extremely important as individuals with

ASD often express the desire to form and maintain friendships, however, are unaware

of how to do so. By using a portable, visual tool such as an iPad to help do this,

educators will be opening up several opportunities for, not only academic, but all

important social success. Even though iPads are extremely successful for individuals

with ASD, educators need to make certain considerations. These include the ease of

independent use of the device, possibility of individuals becoming obsessed with

using the device and plans that may need to be put in place if there are behaviour

issues resulting from the use of the device. Once educators have assessed their

individual classroom situation and put a plan in place for successful iPad usage, the

digital learning can begin.

Assignment 2
The resource created is a document detailing the benefits and success of iPad use for students with ASD. The document is a request from the school principal to aid her decision in deciding if she will release funding to purchase one iPad per student in the ASD Unit. As there are 14 students enrolled in the unit at any one time, this equals a large expenditure. The decision to fund or not to fund is entirely up to the school principal. The original document presented was deemed to be lacking in detail. Feedback obtained suggested greater detail, with more information specifically on ASD. It was also suggested the language in the document be simplified somewhat and include subheadings and bolded text for ease of reading. Additionally specific information on students in the unit was requested (names have been changed). The principal had also suggested purchasing a cheaper tablet device, so I have revised the section on the specific benefits of the Apple iPad device, adding more detail. In writing the original document I had focused entirely on the ASD specific benefits of using iPads – that is, those related to the areas of behavior, communication, sensory issues and social interaction. Feedback has suggested I include some information on the benefits of iPads use and academia for students with ASD. Lastly, the principal requested I list possible issues that may accompany iPad use in the classroom and contingencies to counteract these.