Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal

A pile of her presentations on slideshare1.

Recent books2 are well worth a read.

She posted this on Twitter about her writing. Might be a source of encouragement for your writing.

Jane McGonigal

I've got a new gameful approach to book-writing that I'm currently playing with. It's a "word count resource management game"… At the start of each chapter, I allocate word count resources to all the topics and examples in the chapter… and my score for the chapter ..is based on how accurately I predicted the resources required for each section. Also, I set word-count goals for each writing day…..but it feels more fun and strategic because the WC's are allocated to a particular topic. It's not the most gamiest game ever but…… it's certainly resulting in a much more disciplined (and therefore calm) approach to writing than I had with my first book! :) 12:06pm · 3 Apr 14 · web

And she recently shared how she works on lifehacker.