How to think about this wiki

The nuts and bolts

The first thing to get clear is that the course operates across a number of platforms or media which are just different pieces of software that run on the Web. We will use Blackboard, the software that Griffith and many other universities use to manage all of their courses. We will use this site, which is a wiki. We will use a Slack site and we will also make use of Twitter. We will provide as many links between each of these platforms as possible so that you can move around them easily.

The site you are reading this text on is called a wiki. It is hosted by a company called [ wikidot].

This site runs on wiki software. Like most web sites it has links and menus. If you have never used a wiki1 before then all you need to do is to think of it as a collection of web pages that are very easy to edit2.

Now is the time to bookmark this site in your favourite browser(s).

The first thing to do is to familiarise yourself with the two sets of menus. The top menu is a collection of types of resources for the course. The side menu contains information about course participants and advice about how to work in the course. There is a good search facility, at the top right of each page, and a tag cloud at the bottom of the side menu. Have a play. Poke about. You can't do any damage. There is more detail about the wiki here, the about this wiki link in the side menu.

If you are editing or adding a page or adding tags, you can find how to do it in the How to do things in the side menu3.

For other wiki things you may want to try, check out do other wiki things which is also under the How to do things side menu.

There is a Google translate option on each page that may be helpful if English is not your first language.

For many of the pages there will be a breadcrumb trail to help you navigate around the wiki.

Once you have had a look around you should go to the things to do each week for the list of things you will need to do. The text in red is a link. Click on it to get to the linked page. Things to do is also able to be found in the side menu.