Setting up twitter

Some of you may already be twitter users. You may want to set up a 2nd twitter account1 to keep your other twitter activity separate from your course-related tweets.

To set up a Twitter account, you need to go here. You will be asked for a twitter username. I am using @7131EDN for this course. Once you have provided the information twitter requires before you can have a twitter account, you will then be offered pages of suggested people to follow. Just skip them all unless you have an interest in any of them.

If you only want to follow course tweets you can either follow @7131EDN and/or do searches for #7131EDN.

I use Tweetdeck for accessing twitter. You can use Tweetdeck in a browser or download an app. for it. One of it's useful features is that you can set up lists of people or # to monitor. Here is a screen grab of part of my Tweetdeck feed:


You can see I haven following mentions of a scholar called Lucy Suchman and there is a column in which I have added people who tweet about actor-network theory (ANT) and algorithms, a current interest. You will also notice a column that picks up any tweet which uses the #7131EDN.