How to add links

Once you have your introduction page set up, you may want to attach other pages to it. For example, you may want a page which has a synopsis of your first assignment and then, perhaps, another page for a synopsis of your resource.

Links to other pages in this wiki have the following format:

 [[[new page name]]] | text to display]]]

So for the first assignment you could use:

 [[[myname_firstassignment | My first assignment]]]

Where myname_firstassignment is the Wiki name of your page.

If you choose a name that already exists, the Wiki will tell you. Just change the Wiki name of the page

For an external link the syntax is:

 [link text]

The link will need to be a proper URL, i.e.

for example.

If you put a * in front of the link when you click on the link it will open in a new tab or page depending upon your browser preferences.