Notes from Hangout of the 27th of May

A small but chirpy and talkative group for the last one! :)

We had some discussion about notes I made for this week, in particular how research questions locate the gold standard as what supposedly is learned in the classroom. It is against this standard that we are supposed to make judgements about whether or not the resource is good or useful. It would be like comparing how a car performs compared to a horse, i.e. where does it produce manure? where is the clip clop sound? Why doesn't it sound like a horse? where are the stirrups? This thing is unrideable! Computer says NO!

As Natalie noted this gives rise to evaluation check lists or a "cookie cutter approach" as you find in the de Freitas and Oliver paper.

Also a lovely account of a child with a disability spent time with Minecraft. He was a loner and not taken seriously in his class. When the class finally discovered Minecraft the boy's status in class was reversed. He was the guru, the expert. The story illustrates an approach to working with difference that has been tried by a few in schools previously. Always works well.