Notes from HangOut of 25th of March

These are late. There is a lot of good activity in the group which is pleasing.

Most of the conversation was around what folk were working on. Jacqui has an intriguing and really important interest in the notion of trust. Most will be familiar with the many trust systems that operate online at present, eBay being perhaps the most obvious. When you stop a little and think about the moments of trust that happen as you work online. Apart from trusting your hardware and software to behave1, there is a myriad instances where we simply trust humans and the various systems and algorithms they have developed to work for us.

Andrew is still torn between working on MOOCs or pathways to Higher Education for students2 who have not taken the normal path.

The sharing that is going on on the Google+ community captures more accurately where everyone is.

Melissa is pursuing her interest in social media inspired by the role that media played in Obama's election and re-election.