Notes from Hangout of the 6th of May

We had some discussion at the beginning and end of the Hangout about the readings for this week. The Shaffer et al. piece provides an excellent overview of the major ideas and issues about games and education. While it covers way more ground than you ought to be aiming for in your 2nd resource it is written in an overview/review style that might be the genre you are working on for your 2nd task.

We had some discussion about the 2nd task. I've added these notes to the set for task two.

We finished up talking a little about the Pelletier paper. In particular her gentle unsettling of the notion that technologies have affordances or essential or inherent attributes. The paper is a marker for further thinking about the pivotal role that how we think about technology, any technology has big implications for what we can argue about their role/place in educational settings.