Heather Dick Assignment 2

In the first task, I explored the research surrounding the benefits of using Web 2.0 to motivate and improve students’ writing. One of the key findings was the use of blogging to fulfil this goal. Thus the resource I have developed for Task 2 is a class blog. This resource is written specifically for teachers to help them to set up their own class blog.

In the resource I have described my own journey as a technological and social media novice to a more confident “blogger”. The resource was trialled at my workplace (a P-6 state school) by my colleagues who were encouraged to visit and use my class blog and consider its applicability to their own classrooms. While the feedback I received about the blog was positive, there were also a lot of personal concerns on the part of my colleagues. These concerns related to their ability to create a class blog without a lot of technological background; a lack of time to devote to getting the blog up and running and then maintaining it; not knowing where to start to even try to create a class blog; as well as privacy and fiscal concerns. I attempt to address each of these concerns using my own experience of creating a class blog for the very first time and to encourage the reader of the resource that setting up a class blog is achievable.

The feedback from the trial not only helped me to address common concerns, but it actually broadened the way I used my class blog. Initially, the blog was to motivate my reluctant writers to write by showcasing their writing to a global audience. However a colleague pointed out how the blog would also be the ideal means of communicating with parents and developing closer school-home connections. As a result, my class blog not only showcases students’ writing, but celebrates birthdays, achievements and advises parents of what’s happening in the classroom.

You can find my class blog here.